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Fri Apr 21, 2017 1:59 am

  • A cute idea could be to allow demigods the ability to place encounters down in others realms.

    Say they have a designed encounter were they are given customization options like the ones here. From here, you could save the settings as a file called "Epic wizard who needs to be killed by a magic sword' encounter.

    This encounter could consist of 'Only AI' options as opposed to being required to have guild members.

    Players, while exploring realms, could then find these encounters in there exploration and activate them. The rewards would get sent directly to your limbo account (so your not worrying about game balance) and players could choose to invade, if you have the option on.

    Might be a fun way to incorporate some exploration, and give demigods something fun to do as they explore realms.

    You might be able to spark some community interest in this stuff, and give them another reason to go in realms.

    When a demigod or god makes there special encounter, they can choose whatever tile they're on, place the encounter, and then have realm moderators quickly look over the encounter and it's place on the realm map, and decide whether or not to reject it.

    Just spitballing, might be a fun way to include this guild activity/demi god stuff in a way that overlaps with realms.

    Ideally, the demigod would have this option available in their 'meta spell' menu. xD

    You could have an option for players to opt out of these types of encounters if they want to.

    side note: what about spell totems? what if there was an option to place those in this game. Just have:
    Elf Village totem tier 1 (basic), tier 2 (basic plus spells), tier 3 (advanced training + spells) which could be in the place of were you'd select AI skill level.

    Was always curious what it'd be like to have some totem on totem action, limited spells with a starting batch of troops.
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Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:57 am

  • anjovi wrote:A cute idea could be to allow demigods the ability to place encounters down in others realms.

    Such encounters would have to go into a moderation queue the infrastructure of which doesn't exist & the Realms as currently implemented are primarily self contained story vehicles & some Designers may object to other Players being able to make alterations to their creations.

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Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:01 am

  • Perhaps a simple tweak to Anjovi's idea here could be to allow realm designers more control over the types of battles that take place within their own realms. How does that sound?

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Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:57 pm

  • No reason why challenges can't be placed in Realms by Realm Designers the same way that Wizard Lords currently can be.

    Better yet, however, is that challenges might be incorporated into encounters as a possible outcome rather than a certainty. E.g., a Realm Designer creates an encounter set at a shrine. Pick Option A, then your wizard has a 70% chance of getting a reward or 30% of nothing happening; pick Option B, then Mean God (tm) tries to smite by way of their challenge.

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Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:52 pm

  • One tweak to this idea could be:
    -Just having a small editor were you can create the challenge.
    You could keep the subject matter refrained to guild activity for thematic reasons. It'd be like editing 1 encounter except that instead of the page with outcomes,triggers,flags,etc. You'd have the menu that CGR twittered.

    So whatever you created with it would be simply appear to players as 1 page of text as a segway into the challenge.

    -Once this special encounter is saved, it can be submitted to the moderators (realm moderators) were it can then be looked over for proof reading (the challenge itself won't be as much as a problem, as players can choose to try the challenge or not)

    -If the encounter is approved, it gets added to a bank of encounters like this that can be randomly found in realms. Just something that doesn't pertain to the realm your in, but might appear as a rumor at a town. This encounter could have a super short 'times played' counter (like realms do) once this amount is reached, the encounter dissappears from the place it spawned, and either gets relocated somewere else or removed at the demi god's request.

    Might stir up some sort of egg hunting activity in the community. be like that pokemon go game, heh.

    Otherwise, I think with all of this talk about putting demigod activites in the custom game lobby, that lobby should be renamed to something like 'Tournaments & Custom Games' to better reflect the lobby, and possibly draw players to it.
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