Gollop Wallop 4 - This time it's Asynchronous!

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Gollop Wallop 4 - This time it's Asynchronous!

Post by Ped209 » Wed Oct 22, 2014 10:34 am

The Gollop Wallop 4 will be happening this Sunday (26th October) starting 8pm UTC (clocks go back on Sunday night so that's 8pm UK time).

For those of you that are new - this is an opportunity to pit your wits against the game's creator and video game legend Julian Gollop. He will be joining us on the Tournament Client to play 1v1 matches against randomly chosen opponents.

This time the majority of the matches will be taking place asynchronously. To take part make sure you are on the tournament client on Sunday night to start your match. The matches will be setup with a 10 day chess style timer so you will have a total of 10 days to make your moves. Once the match has finished report the scores by logging back in to the tournament client.

There will also be a couple of hours of live matches taking place for your viewing pleasure to kick things off.

Asynchronous mode allows a player to take part in up to 20 matches at once so this should be your best opportunity yet to be involved!

The series score currently stands at: Julian 2 - 1 Rest of the World

so let's turn this thing around!
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Re: Gollop Wallop 4 - This time it's Asynchronous!

Post by Obsilium » Sun Oct 26, 2014 2:42 pm

I'll be logging into the Steam group chat around 7 UTC and will do some live commentary if my laptop can handle Steam, the Tournament Client and the fully animated game at the same time.
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